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Pendant, gold K14 (585 °), Disc of Phaistos with meander


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Gender: UNISEX
Material: Gold K14 (585°)
Collection: Disc of Phaistos, Meander
Pendant, gold K14 (585 °), Disc of Phaistos with meander

A pendant made of gold K14 (585°) with the Disc of Phaistos and a meander wreath. The Disc of Phaistos is a disk of baked clay, which is an archaeological find from the Minoan city of Phaistos in southern Crete and probably dates to the middle or late Minoan Bronze Age. It is one of the most famous mysteries of archeology, since the purpose of its construction remains unknown. The meaning of what is written in it is still unknown.

Meander is the most ancient Greek symbol, Victory and Unity, a symbol of Infinity and Eternal Life. Inspired, in the opinion of some academics, by the numerous turns of the river Meander. Meander is used in pottery, temples, monuments, sculptures, objects, weapons, armor and jewelry.

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Weight 500 g