KOMBOLOIS Green spot stone, Oval bead, 19 beads


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Bead Diameter: 10 x 14 mm
Weight: 50 gr
Cord colour: Green
Overall length: 28 cm
Collection: Semiprecious Stones

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KOMBOLOIS Green spot stone, Oval bead, 19 beads

The use of semi-precious stones is known from the ancient years mainly for the making of amulets, jewels and even for healing purposes. Every semi-precious stone has its own characteristics that differ from the others, such as the colour, the hardness and the brilliance. For the making of komboloys a wide variety of colours and materials are used, in order to cover all the needs. The hematite, onyx, jasper, carnelian, ounakite, mokaite, gold sand stone, sodalite, crystal (quartz), howlite, amethyst, agate and the tiger-eye, are some of the most well known semi-precious stones that we found in komboloys. Kombolois made of semiprecious stones are sensitive and do not withstand very heavy use.

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Weight 500 g