Kombolois Faturan era (33 beads)


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Bead Diameter: 16×12 mm
Weight: 69 gr
Overall length: 42 cm
Cord colour: Brown
Collection: FATURAN ERA

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Kombolois Faturan era (33 beads)

The great demand of rosaries from the Arabic world, led to the need of creating a more advanced type of rosaries and most durable than the amber ones. The history says that an Egyptian chemist, called Faturan manufactured famous handmade beads using amber, colophony, bakelite and other natural materials.

Although, the real story about the Faturan material is different. From the middle of 19th century, it was manufactured in bar forms in the laboratory of Hamburg in Germany, until 1940 when its production stopped.

The Arabian traders of that age bought the bars and manufactured beads for rosaries and jewels. The amazing red-deep red colour in combination with the special weight, the resistance and the small production, made Faturan the most beautiful and exceptional komboloy.

Many years after the Faturan’s laboratory, many people tried to copy its technique and make similarly rosaries that contained amber and other unknown materials.

We can find them in various clear colours like red, yellow, green, brown, etc. that were manufactured with various natural materials.

The result was satisfactory but had never achieved to reach the red-deep red colour and the technique’s quality of Faturan.

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