Kombolois black horn tayarized -21 beads-


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Bead Diameter: 12 – 16,5 mm
Weight: 34 gr
Cord colour: Black
Overall length: 32 cm
Collection: HORN

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Kombolois black horn tayarized -21 beads-

Horn beads are among those with the greatest history in the depths of the centuries. Hundreds of years ago, the horns of various animals were used in the manufacture of objects to meet the needs of people’s daily lives, for ornamental and religious reasons. They made tools, jewelry and on them carved some religious symbols.
For the manufacture of beads for rosaries mainly used horn from one species of cattle, the Asian yak and horn of bull and reindeer. The beads from the horn are pleasant and resistant to their use, they do not crumble and we find them in brown color, but also through a process of coloring with herbs, in burgundy, brown, antique and black.

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