KOMBOLOIS Yusuri Gold (Black coral), 25 beads


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Bead Diameter: 10x14 mm
Weight: 30 gr
Overall length: 33 cm
Cord colour: Black
Collection: YUSOURI

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KOMBOLOIS Yusuri Gold (Black coral), 25 beads

Yusuri is a bush at the bottom of sea. It is a live organism because with the passing of time and the use it becomes smoother; the layer is removed and only the body of Yusuri bead is left behind. We must be careful because after the crusts removal from its surface, we see a brown-reddish sheen. We find this property only in Yusuri, which releases an essence of sea iodine.

Sometimes we find Yusuri beads decorated with various materials. This is mainly owed to Egyptians who sculptured and then decorated them with various materials such as silver, gold, ivory, enamel, etc.

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Weight 500 g