KOMBOLOIS Horn black, 33 beads


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Bead Diameter: 14 - 15 mm
Weight: 54 gr
Overall length: 40 cm
Cord colour: Black
Collection: HORN

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KOMBOLOIS Horn black, 33 beads

The horn beads are included between those with the longer history in the depths of centuries. Hundreds years ago, people used the horns from animals in order to make items for the covering of their daily needs, for decorative but also for religious reasons. They were making tools, jewels that sculptured them with religious symbols. For the making of kombolois beads it is mainly used the horn from one specie of cattle, the Asiatic yak, and horns from bull and reindeer. The horn beads are durable and soft in touch, they cannot be smashed and we usually find them in brown colour. With the colouring by herbs, we can find beads in deep red, brown, antic and black.

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Weight 500 g